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What can a penny buy? A world class education

March 13, 2007

Albany - A 1% sales tax over the next six years in Dougherty County will provide $95 Million for public schools. That money will finance the renovation of nine schools in the system and provide students with the most up to date technology. It won't make the price you pay at stores go up, the tax is a continuation, so you won't feel the squeeze, but students will reap the benefits.

Maybe you weren't even aware there was a special election next week, but Billie and Susan Price did. They actually showed up early to vote. Billie Price said, "I love all the kids around here. No matter whose children they are, they need an education."

The best education your money can buy, and it's already bought quite a bit. With the $170 Million that's been collected through SPLOST I and II, six new schools have been built in the county and there's one on the way. Each high school has new athletic complexes and an emergency weather response system is being installed. But more work is to be done.

"What is a penny here and there to support our kids, to invest in our kids and to invest in our childrens future?" asked Reverend Lorenzo Heard. He says he supports the SPLOST because if we don't invest in our kids, we're not investing in our community.  Heard said, "we've got to make sure that we invest in them, that we give them the best places to learn to make sure they're sharp and that they are intellectually growing."

With this sales tax, eight schools will be renovated, new computers will be placed in classrooms and the safety system will be upgraded. And here's some good news: by adding this special tax money, even visitors to the community will help pay for the updates, so local taxpayers don't have to foot the entire bill.

Heard adds, "It just makes sense that people are going to come shop in our stores and stay in our hotels, it just makes sense to let them also help us build new schools and advance technology for our kids because they are important."

The Prices have already done their part and hope you'll vote in favor of the SPLOST as well. Susan said, "To help their children."

A SPLOST rally will be held tonight at six at Thronateeksa Heritage Center to spread more information on the sales tax and encourage people to vote.    

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