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Where is Richard Bentley?

March 13, 2007

Sylvester -- A Worth County man has disappeared, and his own wife didn't tell police.

Richard Bentley was last seen Sunday, March 4th. It wasn't until four days later, when his mother called from Florida, that he was reported missing.

Law enforcement officers have arrested his wife and step son on drug charges. Investigators think Bentley may have been murdered.

Richard Bentley's mother and sister put up flyers in Sylvester asking for help finding him. They have been putting flyers like this up along Interstate 75, desperately searching for anyone who has seen the 33-year-old trucker.

Bentley's Mother Pat Hobensack said "A lot of the local businesses let us put the flyers in the windows. We're hoping if he's hurt or something, that somebody will see it."

Just before 3:00 Tuesday afternoon GBI Agents arrested Bentley's 40-year-old wife Charlene on drug and gun charges. Parked in the yard is Richard Bentley's tractor trailer rig, still bearing the load he was to have delivered last week.

His family said he never misses a job. "This is just not like him, not to call. We are hoping somebody has seen him somewhere," said Bentley's sister Mary Handzcik.

Six members of Bentley's family have come from Florida, and more family members from Arizona and Indiana are expected soon.

 "We've checked the hospitals, we've went out and searched some of the fields around his house, just in case," Hobensack said.

Bentley was last seen Sunday March 4th. His Mother and brother reported him missing Thursday March 8th. They have been frantically trying to get in touch with him.

 Bentley's brother Michael Preston said, "For him to just walk off from everything doesn't make any sense."

Charlene Bentley's 21-year-old son, Chris Szorcsik, has been held in the Worth County Jail since Sunday, when he was stopped while driving Bentley's car, and charged with a suspended license and possession of cocaine charges.

Szorcsik showed up at a hospital with cut hands the night Bentley disappeared. Now the GBI is checking blood stains in the carpet of the home. The family gave DNA samples to the GBI last night to help the investigation. They say they will stay in Sylvester until they find him.

"I haven't given up hope, but we'll see," Hobensack said

Bentley's family said Richard and Charlene have been married for a couple of years. Sheriff's Officials say the wife never reported him missing. This afternoon bloodhounds were brought in to search the woods around the Bentley home.

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