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Citizens call for action on cat abuse

March 12, 2007

People say someone is killing cats and hanging their bodies on trees and homes, and people in the 400 block of West Residence say police aren't doing enough. They're scared and are locking up their pets up.
Tia Danson says her cat Harold was shot in the head last month.
"He's actually healing better now," Danson says. "He got hit over his right eye. I know it wasn't a B-B, it was a .22 or something."

Danson said that worried her, but Friday when she found cats hanging from an abandoned house across the street, and a tree behind that house, she knew someone dangerous was in their neighborhood hunting and killing cats. "They were hanging as if just by the neck, as if in some kind of sacrifice."

Danson's neighbors tell me they have put their pets up, and are scared.

Laurie Jenkins, head of the Pack, an animal protectionist group, holds Boo, a cat that she says was shot in the back by an arrow on Tenth Avenue in January. "You can see by the injuries by her leg. She was gone for about a week. They thought she crawled away to die. Couldn't find here. She crawled back dragging her legs home to her feeding place."

Jenkins said Boo still has some paralysis. About five cats were attacked in January in the Tenth Avenue area, and Police have arrested a 16-year-old Lee County boy for animal cruelty. But reports of more cat killings in downtown Albany has the Pack calling for more Police Investigation, and the courts to hand out stiffer penalties.

 "I would like to see a deterrent. Life time probation as opposed to six weeks in jail. These people are not the kind you want out and about anymore," Jenkins said.

Albany Humane Society Director Donna Strickland looks over the fur under the tree where Danson said she saw the dead cats sacrificed, and is investigating. But she and Danson want to know why Police never came to check the house.

Strickland said, "These people have actually contacted the police and said I believe they are sacrificing animals in the abandoned houses, and that nothing's been done."

Danson says she and her neighbors want police to take this case more seriously. 

A public meeting to talk about these animal cruelty cases is set for tonight at 7:00PM at the District One Community Policing Center on Dawson Road. Richard Rice of the Humane Society of the United States will be there, offering a $2,500 reward for information in these cases.


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