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Valdosta Fire Department test life saving technology

March 12, 2007

Valdosta - The Valdosta Fire Department is testing new equipment that could save lives all over the state.

The department was chosen to pilot a new program funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

They'll install GPS units at ten busy intersections throughout the city.

Then using a special piece of equipment placed in each truck, firefighters will be able to turn traffic signals green as they approach these intersections.

They say the new equipment should reduce their response time and could help save lives.  "Each minute a fire goes unchecked, it doubles in size. So if we can just cut down a minute or two minutes from our response time, we could definitely help save someone's life," says Chief J.D. Rice.

Fire Officials and City Engineers are training in Tifton to use the new equipment.  They will begin installing it later this week.

If it's successful, many fire departments throughout Georgia will also receive this system.


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