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Storm oddities continue

March 9, 2007

Americus-  We've shown you pine needles driven through glass, an ironing board that pierced a metal wall and now more amazing storm video that shows the force behind some of the fallen trees.

A 30-inch around Pine Tree snapped, sending it through the roof of a home along Highway 49. When the tree crashed through the roof, it landed on a filing cabinet and the force of the tree drove it through the floor, from the second story to the first.

"When the tree came down it just punched a perfect hole for a filing cabinet right there, that's what actually stopped the tree I think, but maybe not," said Cliff Sanspree, Jack Daniels Garrett Construction.

It also drove a bedpost from the bed in the room through the floor as well. The homeowner was not home when the storm came through.



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