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Three weeks later... Plant remains closed

March 8, 2007

Despite a nationwide recall of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, people closest to the Sylvester Plant tested negative for Salmonella.

US Food and Drug Administration inspectors found the salmonella strain that caused the outbreak at the plant and in jars bought by some of the people who got sick. They still have not identified where the salmonella came from.

The recall first only included peanut butter made after May 2006, but now it applies to anything made back to December 2005.

At least 425 people in 44 states have gotten sick from tainted peanut butter. For now, the Sylvester plant remains closed, three weeks after the recall was announced.

Six people were tested for Salmonella in Southwest Georgia. Those results came back negative. 21-people in Georgia did test positive.

Dan Staib with Public health, says fast action by health officials and ConAgra kept the problem from getting worse.  He says, "ConAgra and all the other agencies responded to the situation appropriately. With the tests we collected with our surveillance, every specimen we collected was negative."

ConAgra believes the recall will cost the company between 50 and 60 million dollars this quarter. Employees are still being paid and are participating in non-production related projects.



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