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FEMA, GEMA warns victims to look out for fraud

March 6, 2007

Sumter County--  Because of an expanded disaster declaration, disaster recovery centers will soon be up and running in more Georgia Counties. In our area, storm victims in Baker and Mitchell County can now apply for federal disaster aid.

The Sumter County Disaster Recovery Center on Highway 19 has been busy since it opened Monday.  They've already served about 400 people. GEMA and FEMA representatives are there to help people with temporary housing, disaster unemployment and legal services.

The Red Cross, Salvation Army and other faith-based organizations are also on hand to assist with more immediate needs. As people begin to rebuild and recover, officials warn storm victims to watch out for scammers.

"We urge extreme caution. Any contractor must be licensed or permitted I should say by the city of Americus and or Sumter County," said GEMA Public Information Officer Ken Davis.

You should write down tag numbers and check personal identification if need be. Also, don't pay for work up front. Get written estimates to prevent fraud or price gauging.  If you suspect fraud, you can call the hotline at 1-800-869-1123.  

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