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Lowndes offers storm relief

March 6, 2007

Lowndes County - The storm that hit Baker, Mitchell and Worth Counties passed right over Lowndes County.

Now, Lowndes Countians are helping those who were affected.  "Right now they have to get cleaned up before they start over. So we want to make sure they get the resources necessary to start that process," say Paige Dukes, Public Information Officer for the Lowndes County Commission.

Those resources include "Things like bleach, mops, cleaning supplies, baby diapers, and formulas, personal products, paper towels, leather gloves, tarps, all those things," she says.

The number of people willing to donate and lend their support has been overwhelming.  "Because the storm did miss us and we were blessed not to be devastated like Americus is, we felt that we should help out best we could," says Lowndes County resident Tranni McDonald.

But based on lessons learned from previous natural disasters, county officials are asking to only donate the items previously listed.  "You can cause a disaster within a disaster. We saw parking lots and parking lots full of used clothing during Katrina. These things just make more of a mess," Dukes says.

They plan on delivering the donations to Baker County Thursday. They hope delivering the goods will also deliver hope to the people struggling to rebuild their homes and lives in the area.

Anyone wishing to contribute can drop off their donations at the Lowndes County Commission Building.  They will continue taking donations until 6:00 PM Wednesday night.

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