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Hundreds of power crews work in Americus

March 3, 2007

Americus -- Getting the electricity restored to Americus after the severe damage caused by Thursday night's tornado was the main mission of hundreds of utility workers Saturday.

 Utility trucks and workers converged on Americus, intent on getting the lights turned back on.

The clean up after the storm started in earnest Saturday in Americus. Georgia Power sent 400 trucks and more than 15-hundred people to the tornado ravaged community. Georgia Power Area Manager Stan Sparks said "the devastation we have seen so far is very severe."

In many parts of Americus, there were still snapped power poles laying on the ground, with wires running down the streets. Workers were going street to street, block by block, house by house to clean up and restore electricity. It is a massive job. Sparks said "these guys are well experienced in dealing with disasters like this, from hurricanes and other things. So they know what to do when they get on the ground."

Georgia Power said they had workers from as far as Mississippi come to help Georgia's storm damage.  Most were in Macon Friday, then on to Americus. And the South Georgians were glad to see them. Sparks said "part of the benefit, rightly so, is to help people and get their lights back on."

Hundreds of utility trucks spread across Americus, workers fixing the destruction caused by Thursday's tornado.

A Georgia Power spokesperson said tonight that they have made good progress in Americus Saturday, and hope to have most people's power restored by the night or early Sunday morning.


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