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Baconton homes take a hit

March 2, 2007

Baconton - - A family trapped in their house all night got a good look Friday at the damage the tornado caused to their home. It's a very familiar picture for other families in Baconton.  

They were trapped inside their home all night.

"The house, you could feel it moving," says Tammie Dent.

Her family could feel and hear the storm.

"It sounded like a train running over the house."

They took cover.

"We all got in the closet and put pillows and stuff over us, and when it went over us, it was like it was sucking the air out of us, but we made it."

Made it through the tornado and out of their home this morning. Only to find trees uprooted, their vehicle parked beneath debris, and neighbors experiencing some of the same problems. Some in need of immediate roof repairs.

"I never dreamed it was this type of damage until I came outside," says Tyron Morey.

The tornado knocked out all of the windows in his home. He's since replaced them with boards. Three trees slammed through his ceiling and the farmer's pecan trees took a devastating hit.

"You the one live here right? Is that gonna be all you need here for now?" Neighbor Frank Roberts pulled out his backhoe spending his day volunteering to help families in despair.

"They're in need of help. Some one would be glad to help me if I was. Wouldn't you?"'

The fact brings relief to Dent and her two grandchildren, 1 and 2 years old, who all rode out the storm and its disastrous aftermath.

"Everything just ruined, gone." 

The Dent family called on the American Red Cross Friday morning, and the group responded. They were also without power throughout Thursday night and Friday morning.

Morey says he expects $50,000 to $60,000 worth of damage to his home - not to mention the money he'll lose from his pecan trees being destroyed.


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