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Lake Park cleans up after tornado

March 2, 2007

Lake Park - As the sun rose this morning, many people in Lowndes County breathed a sigh of relief that last night's storm seemed to pass right over them.  But in Lake Park, many families began cleaning up after a tornado ripped through their neighborhood.

The roar of a tornado is a terrifying sound.

Bill Kimbrough never understood that until last night.  "When people say tornadoes roar like a freight train, they really are telling the truth.  I've never heard a sound like that before in my life."

He says a tornado passed right over his Lake Park home around 3:00 Friday morning.  "Then I went to the front door, to open the door to go outside to see what it looked like when it passed, and I couldn't get the door open.  It was like someone was outside pushing on the other side of the door, the vacuum was so strong, I couldn't pull the door open," he says.

His home wasn't damaged by the tornado, but his neighbors weren't so lucky.  "I think the most damage happened to his truck, as far as we can tell right now," says Lake Park resident Kristen Kenny.

Strong winds ripped apart sign after sign and uprooted giant trees, littering the city with debris.

The storm damage may seem excessive in Lake Park, but the people here consider themselves lucky knowing many areas in South Georgia were reduced to rubble by this same storm.  "That very well could have been us," Kimbrough says.

Kenny agrees.  "At least it's a car, it's replaceable, it's not a person, and we're still alive."

And while the storm may be gone, it's definitely not forgotten.  "My daughter told me if I ever heard it once, I'd never forget that sound, and she's absolutely correct," Kimbrough says.

No storm-related injuries have been reported in the county.


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