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Students offer wish list to Board of Regents Chair

March 1, 2007

Albany - - The chairman of the Georgia Board of Regents wants to hear directly from students and faculty about how they think we can improve Georgia colleges and universities. He came to Albany today to hear what's on the minds of students at Albany State University.

Being a college student isn't always easy. There are challenges that can get in the way of staying focused on the goal. Often those challenges relate to money.

"That's our biggest challenge. We call them our customers, the students are our customers and we try to make it customer friendly," says Board of Regents Chair Allan Vigil.

He visited Albany State to get a feel of the issues students are facing, like textbooks. Every student needs them, but the rising costs of books for multiple classes can easily become a headache.

"I'm a business major and I know my textbooks are right at $100 a piece," says Student Government President Rubin Pusha.

The Georgia Hope Scholarship only covers $150 for textbooks per semester.  Pusha wants the Board of Regents to support House Bill 141, which would remove sales tax from college textbooks.

"It's only a couple of bucks but a couple of bucks matters when you're in college," Pusha says.

Vigil left with a list of concerns from both the students and the faculty. He says he's glad he came to listen.

"I think we can do a lot of things to help our customers, the students."

Students are glad their voices are being heard.

"There's a number of things that we need that we wouldn't normally be able to voice on a one on one basis. So now we have that opportunity to tell them exactly what it is we need."

So they can make it through school and reach that common goal - graduation. 

Vigil says a fixed tuition rate will kick in next semester for incoming students. That means incoming freshman won't see an increase for four years. Other concerns coming from students at ASU - more money to build a new fine arts building and a new student union.