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VSU plan for emergency

March 1, 2007

Valdosta - If there is an emergency at a college campus, how will police respond?

It's a question Police at Valdosta State University want to make sure they can answer.

They are participating in a four day training seminar to do just that.

They set up an Incident Command Center, a Command Post, an Emergency Operations Center, and mock-up of the University to help them run drills on different scenarios.

They hope the drills will better prepare them to respond to an emergency or natural disaster that may strike the campus.   "It's more or less a what if type of question. And we are just trying to get people trained for this because if you don't have the training, you may have a book that sits in the corner gathering dust, but you've actually got to keep up to date with what's going on," says VSU Police Chief Scott Doner.

University Law Enforcement Agencies from all over the state also traveled to Valdosta to participate in the event.

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