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VSU Students seeing green

March 1, 2007

Valdosta - An announcement was recently made that Valdosta would soon be going green..and now Valdosta State University could follow suit.  "All of these kids are now aware that something needs to be done and that's just tremendous," says Matthew Richard, an Associate Professor at VSU.

It's largely thanks to a student group known as S.A.V.E who've worked all year promoting a greener campus at VSU.  "Becoming a greener campus is basically focusing on sustainability where we don't waste energy, become a more efficient campus and use more renewable resources rather then the coal we depend on now," says Senior Mandy Hancoc.

They began by issuing this poll, asking students if they'd be willing to fund an energy change through student fees.  "The average amount the students are willing to pay is nine dollars. So we proposed a nine dollar student fee increase and gave that to the student fees committee," she says.

The increase was denied but the school agreed something needed to be done. So they will be paying for an environmental energy audit.  "It's a great first step. You have to have data before you decide how to use your resources," says Richard.

Hancoc agrees.  "So the audit will tell all of that, from top to bottom. Transportation, everything! How all the energy is used, how any of it is wasted and how it can be conserved."

They hope the audit will begin in September, bringing VSU one step closure to being one of Georgia's first green campuses. 

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