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City commission approves new copper ordinance

February 28, 2007

Albany--  City commissioners passed a controversial ordinance they hope will break a wave of copper thefts.

Commissioners made a change before they approved the ordinance hoping to appease owners of metal recycling businesses who said new rules would cost them customers. The ordinance will require scrap metal buyers to get identification from customers and wait atleast ten days to pay them.

Here's the change. They can pay right away but they must take a good quality picture of the seller and keep it for 180-days.  If requested by the Chief of Police, that photo would be turned over within 24 hours.

Also under the ordinance, recyclers will have to report purchases of the previous week no later than 10 a.m. each Wednesday morning.

Business owners had complained legitimate customers wouldn't wait for payment and would take their business to other cities.



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