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Temporary bump in search for downtown manager

February 28, 2007

Albany--  The search for a downtown manager is halted until city leaders decide who will have control over the new hire.

City commissioners and Albany Tomorrow leaders agreed weeks ago the city needs to hire someone to promote downtown to developers.

Wednesday night, commissioners were scheduled to give City Manager Alfred Lott the go ahead to begin a national search and put the manager under the control of the Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority. ATI leaders say they would like control.

"I think the biggest question is what serves the downtown retailers better. Is the downtown manager better served being in the private sector under ATI or in the public sector which is ADICA more or less a public entity and I'm not adverse to either one. I have my preference for ATI," said Interim ATI President/CEO Greg McCormack.  

McCormack says private serves private better.  McCormack als says they also want input in the hiring process.

Mayor Willie Adams expressed that he feels the downtown manager should be placed under ADICA with shared control. Commissioner Bo Dorough said downtown businesses should play an active role in the process.

ATI leaders and commissioners will have an executive meeting to discuss the matter before the search begins.

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