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Children dangerously driving golf carts

February 28, 2007

Albany -- People in an Albany neighborhood dozens of people are breaking the law and creating a safety hazard by driving their golf carts.

Some folks in Doublegate Country Club say parents let their young children drive the carts on residential streets. They say the children don't know the rules of the road, and someone may get hurt.

"A golf cart coming down the street on one of the school days, pulling other kids on their skate boards. There was a kid driving the golf cart, it was kids on their skateboards, coming behind each other. Maybe that didn't appear dangerous to some people. It did appear dangerous to me," said Kathleen Calvalcanto.

It's illegal for anyone to drive a golf cart on city streets except in designated areas set by a city ordinance.

Those who break the law could be fined $200. Parents who let their kids drive a golf cart can face a fine up to $1000 or jail time.




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