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School Board adopts heat policy

February 28, 2007

Albany --  Almost 80º in February. Doesn't feel much like winter does it?
Think ahead a few months, when student athletes and band members are marching out in the hot summer heat.

Sometimes it's so hot, it causes health problems for the kids, and has even led to death. That's why Dougherty County School Board members are taking steps to protect students.

They've adopted a new heat policy to make sure kids stay hydrated and that they don't practice outside if the heat index goes about 105º.

"It seems that we've had more and more cases, not in Dougherty County, but around the state we've had athletes with various sports in the fall and even late spring where athletes have been passing out and having different types of health problems, so I think it is a good idea that we go back and reevaluate our heat index policy," said Cross Country Coach Harley Calhoun. "It's all about the safety of our children, we want to keep them safe while they're out there participating."

A meter will be used to measure the heat index everyday from mid May to mid October.


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