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Florida mom works wonders with car seats

February 28, 2007
by Victoria Lim

There has been a lot of talk about child safety seats recently.  The first step is choosing them and installing them properly.

But what if you've done both and your child has found a way to render them ineffective? A Florida mother has created a quick fix to keep the seats where they should be.

Strong willed Marilyn keeps her mom on her toes. The three-year-old's quick wit put Tricia's ingenuity on the fast track. 

It happened during a drive a few months ago. "I freaked out.  I had no idea she could even do that or even was attracted to doing that."

Marilyn unbuckled the seatbelt that strapped in her car seat. "I had no idea until I took a turn and the whole car seat flipped over with her inside, with her inside strapped securely, but the seat was to the side."

That's how Mandarino came up with AngelGuard, a lightweight compact plastic cover to keep her daughter's little fingers from doing it again.

Here's how it works.  Slip part of the buckle through Angelguard and -click- fasten the seatbelt.  The design blocks pressure onto the release button.  To remove, give the Angelguard a slight tug, and pull.

So far, Marilyn hasn't figured out how to remove the AngelGuard. "I don't have to worry about her.  She even realizes the Angelguard is on and doesn't try anymore.  It's a defeated problem."

Mandarino's next challenge: keeping Marilyn from behind the wheel, at least for another 14 years.

The AngelGuard went on sale in February. They are only sold online right now. The website is: www.theangelguard.com

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