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Back to the drawing board for copper rule

February 27, 2007

Albany -- After complaints from metal recyclers, city commissioners are looking at another option for a copper ordinance. Recyclers complained that a waiting period to pay sellers was too long, and would hurt legitimate business.

That's why the city took a second look at the ordinance and soon, they'll have a choice to keep the wait to pay restriction in place while giving businesses an opportunity to install a camera in lieu of that requirement.

"Commissioner Howard has written an exemption to the code section which we could certainly live with and would prevent my client from being put out of the business, and that is if you do engage in photographing of the people that are selling the materials that you are exempted from the 10 day delay," said Albany Recycling's  Attorney, Al Corriere.

Albany recycling already takes pictures of all its sellers and it has a buyers will still have to get all identifying information including the seller's driver's license number, birth date and address.


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