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Hats on for cancer awareness

February 27, 2007

Valdosta - Clad in hats of every size, shape and color, the students at West Gordon Elementary School in Valdosta are hoping to raise cancer awareness.

The student council asked all students to donate two dollars and faculty and staff to donate five towards the foundation for children with cancer.

Anyone who donated was allowed to wear a hat to school, the crazier the better.

They hoped the day would help fellow students understand what cancer patients go through and why they should give back.  "We get to help other children and they get to know that we still appreciate them and they appreciate us for what we did," says 5th grader Taylor Ward.

"you know how they loose their hair when they go through therapy and x-rays and have to wear hats to school and that's why we do it, to be kind and raise money for people," adds 4th grader Seth Golden.

The school hopes to raise six hundred dollars.

The Foundation for Children with Cancer says Hats on Day at schools has raised 100 thousand dollars since 1994.

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