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Space & Rocket Center offers more than Space Camp

February 26, 2007

Huntsville, AL-- Eight-year old Andrew Edrington just can't get enough of a climbing wall that's supposed to be like a rocky mountain on Mars.  "The climbing wall is really fun. The first couple are easy, and then it just gets hard, and it's almost impossible. But you just never stop trying," Andrew said.

He's from Kansas. His family came to Alabama for a fishing tournament, but they launched themselves right over to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  His mom Paula said "It just ignites our imagination."

This is one of the premier space museums in the world. Space Center C.E.O. Larry Capps said, "It has the largest collection of space artifacts in the country."

You'll see amazing pieces of history, many of which are the real things that went into or came from space.  "They can see all of this. They can touch it. They can feel it. They can get an understanding in a short time they are here about what the space program is all about," Capps said.

All the generations of the Edrington family were fascinated by what they saw. "It's a great educational tool. I think the more that you can teach your kids about what is going on in our world, the better off they're going to be," Paula said.

And Andrew is ready to share that knowledge with his friends. "There's one person in my class that's really into space, and he would probably really, really, really like it."

There are rides and movies and interactive exhibits here, plus Rocket park. You can wander through an assortment of actual size rockets that take you through the entire history of the U.S. Space program. It's also the only place in the world you can walk right under a Space Shuttle, fully stacked with its external tank and rocket boosters.  Paula said "Kids can see the real thing. It's not in a book, and it's not on the internet, it's right here live for them to see, and it's really impressive."

"I never knew that this stuff was in space, so it's really cool," Andrew said.  It's a really cool out of this world experience you can enjoy not too far from home.

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