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Home construction boom imminent

February 26, 2007

Albany --  Construction could begin within the month on 20 new homes in South Albany, and that's only the beginning. The National Baptist Convention of America is purchasing city owned lots in order to build new affordable homes in the area. In all, about 200 homes will be built.

One scoop of dirt, shoveling out a path for the American dream.  A home that some people never thought they could afford.

 "If a person is paying $600, $700 a month in rent, we're going to make them home owners. We can give them a mortgage at that rate," said Muhammad Nur.

Exodus Albany Group, in partnership with the National Baptist Convention of America has agreed to buy 184 lots within the city for more than $800,000.

"What we're looking to do is provide affordable houses," said Nur.

Homes from around $80,000 up to about $135,000. A mixed price development to help the properties appreciate in value over time, helping to improve the image of the neighborhoods.

Some of the streets where these homes will be built, like Corn Avenue, are known drug and prostitution hot spots. This housing development will hopefully rid the area of those problems.

"Most areas that have been revitalized around the country were in areas that were formally drug infested anyway," said Dr. Russell Odom. "We are going to make every attempt with the authorities here to make sure that's eliminated."

And make sure the revitalization of downtown Albany, extends to an area left out for so long.

"We hope with the transition of downtown improving that it will just bring people right on out." said Pinky Modeste.  

Anyone interested in purchasing a house through the new housing project should contact the office of small and disadvantaged businesses.

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