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Students sign up to get healthy

February 24, 2007

Albany -- It was a big day for Albany's youngest residents, encouraging physical fitness and community involvement. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital hosted its first-ever "Sign Up Saturday" event at Byne Memorial Baptist Church.

Twenty-seven area businesses, recreational groups, and organizations set up booths for young people and their families to see what activities area available in the community.

The event pushes a healthy, active lifestyle, to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

"We've got 27 participants here, ranging from the Y, to Albany Parks and Rec, to Dixie baseball, and there's anything that a child could want to do right here," said Jenny Nicholson.

"We'd like to be able to see what offers the city has to offer, and then trying to see what she likes to do, and keep her busy all year-round," said Phat Eang.

Activities available in our city include summer camps and sports. Organizers estimate that up to 500 young people attended the event and got involved.



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