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Contest bridges students and engineering

February 24, 2007

Albany -- High schoolers from throughout the region come to Albany State University, to compete and see who has the best skills under pressure.

There were 19 teams from several different area high schools competing in the Regional Model Bridge Building Contest. Students watched as the wood bridges they contstructed snapped under pressure. The structural strength of each bridge is tested by weighing how much weight a bridge can hold, divided by the bridge's weight.

"Five-thousand grams Hunter's bridge was, and Chris's bridge was 8,000 grams. So it was really nice. Right now we're in first place, so I hope we remain in first place," said Early County Highschooler Kristen Taylor.

"This is our first time. It's just a new experience to me because I never build a bridge before," said Brooks County Highschooler Lee King.

The team with the most structurally strong bridge wins a first place trophy and recognition for their school. The event is held to create awareness about the engineering profession.




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