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Technology spreads severe weather information

February 23, 2007

Albany -- A high-tech public display system can help spread the word if severe weather is coming our way. It's a new system in Albany that uses internet technology.

The company Hyper, LLC, located in Albany, manufactures a touch-screen digital sign, that basically advertises like a billboard, but digitally. Right now, there are five of these digital bulletins up at the Albany Mall, advertising for companies but also providing useful information.

The ads and information seen on the digital screens are controlled in a two-room office at the Aurthur K. Williams Micro Business Enterprise Center. Workers at Hyper, LLC stay busy programming online, what people see on the screens out in public.

"This is all web based and anything that can happen on the internet can happen on these screens," said Chris Conlon.

Chris Conlon of Hyper says it's the first of its kind technology here in Albany, and his company is working to form partnerships that will allow for broadcasting all the information they're capable of sending out.

From the tiny office downtown all the information is made public at a touch screen kiosk like this one. At any given time you may see advertisements, amber alerts, even see what severe weather may be headed our way.

Right now weather alerts are in testing phases, so all that is programmed to show now are RSS feeds showing radar composites of the local weather. But developers hope to include instant information about severe weather watches and warnings.

"As soon as I hear the first clap of thunder I'm out on our site looking at where exactly these thunderstorm cells are going. It basically tracks exactly where they're going, and as far as showing temperature information and weekly forecasts, that's coming as well," said Conlon.

Conlon says he hopes to have the technology at public places such as, college campuses, government buildings, even hotels, to provide people with advertising and important information like the weather.

The company forms partnerships with different websites and sells advertising space in order to show several different ads on the screen. single advertisement will be shown on screen for up to 30 seconds and it's programmed to loop through the ads several times. The company runs on ad revenue so space is for sale.

Hyper LLC sells the HyperBulletin screens which the company programs to your business. They start at more than $14,000 a unit.



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