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IRS warns of tax scam

February 23, 2007

Albany --  With tax season at hand, the Internal Revenue Service is warning people not to fall for a tax preparer scam.

IRS criminal investigators say some Georgia tax preparers have filed large, improper amounts for the special telephone tax refund on taxpayer's filings.

Unscrupulous preparers have requested large refunds, and taken the money, leaving the taxpayer responsible for the improper filing.

"He or she is anticipating the $30.00 , but in reality the tax preparer has inflated it. So they are getting the actual amount, and unfortunately the preparer is keeping the money," said Mark Green of the Internal Revenue Service.

Green says the I.R.S. Is investigating cases of this scam in dozens of states, including Georgia, and he reminds taxpayers they are ultimately responsible for their own tax return, even if unscrupulous preparers scammed them.


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