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Housing market in Albany still hot

February 23, 2007

Albany - Inflation isn't just affecting the price you pay at stores, it's changing the way the housing market is performing.

There's been a drop in the market during the past few years, but in Albany that hasn't been the case. For the second year in a row, records were set in 2006 for houses sold and 2007 may be on track as well.

Ann Brunson received her real estate license 36 years ago.  For 33 of those years, she's sold at least $1 Million worth of property.  That wasn't always easy.  She says, "When I got in the business, the first house I sold was 19/5. $19,500."

And the average price of homes was about $28,000. Times sure have changed.  "Prices," says Brunson, "cost of land."

Prices have changed, but the housing market, at least here in Albany hasn't much.  She says that's because, "Albany has a lot to offer."

Brunson says the industry in Southwest Georgia keeps homes occupied. And bad weather and insurance prices in other states have even increased Georgia's market at times. "Taxes and insurance are so high, they are moving out of Florida," says Brunson.

And even with a slight slow down from time to time, she says her job has always been steady.  "We've had a steady market ever since I was in the business."

Brunson also credits steady employment at the marine base with keeping the housing market steady in Southwest Georgia.  

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