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Hospital web site helps patients make informed choice

February 22, 2007

Albany-  A new web site launched Thursday could help you compare hospital prices. 

Georgia's Hospital Association launched the site that allows patients to check out the cost and quality of common procedures at the state's 141 hospitals. The site if part of the movement to provide health care consumer with more information. Phoebe Putney has been harshly criticized for its prices and said this web site may validate their claims that they're competitive.

"When you look at this information, it really validates what we have been trying to say for a number of months and it validates some of the studies we paid for independently to try and demonstrate that we are in fact competitive in our pricing because as you look at pricing here locally it appears to be competitive across multiple service lines," said Dr. Douglas Patten, Phoebe Putney Sr. V.P. Medical Affairs. 

At least eight Southwest Georgia organizations including Albany and Dougherty County have launched their own study to compare health care prices. The study is half way complete and will include comparisons nationwide to Albany health care costs.  You can log onto the website at



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