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No charges against vicious dog owner

February 21, 2007

Albany --  Albany Police say they will not charge the owner of that pit bull that attacked a woman and her four small dogs in East Albany.

The pit bull, owned by Roger Miller, jumped a fence and attacked 69-year old Eloise Clearman in her own backyard two weeks ago today. David Clearman rushed to his wife's aid and shot and killed the dog.

Surprisingly, Albany police told us today that they don't plan to charge the pit bull owner with violating the leash law.

APD's rationale? They said they couldn't charge the owner without charging the victim. Which, of course, is just not true.

Police did speak with the D.A.'s office and Ken Hodges told them it was okay not to charge the owner.

However, Hodges told WALB News 10 this afternoon that it's ultimately up to the police to decide who to charge.

Incidentally, Eloise Clearman is still taking rabies shots from the attack. One of her dogs was killed, three others were injured.