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"Hit man" reveals murder plot

February 21, 2007

Moultrie  --   Investigators say the suspect 49-year old Shyamsunder Contractor wanted to take over several Moultrie convenience stores.

Authorities say some of the people he wanted dead used to work for him, and this all could have ended in murder if the potential hit man hadn't turned the suspect in.

The Colquitt County Sheriff's Office believes the plot started earlier this month, and ended this weekend when Shyamsunder Contractor, better known as Sami, was arrested in Florida, charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Cindy McKinney and her daughter Lisa frequently shop at Moultrie convenience stores.  Today they were shocked to learn the smiling face that often greeted them behind the counter might be the face of a killer.

"He would always make sure he said hello to people whenever they walked into the store and so he was a very caring person, he cared about his job, he cared about what he did everything, it was kind of shocking, honestly it was," she said. "Sami has always joked with everybody, he's joked with anybody and everybody."

Sheriff Al Whittington said this was no joke, Sami Contractor wanted eight people from three families dead, and he was willing to hire an unidentified man to do it. "They had agreed on a certain amount upfront to have these killings taken out, then once it was completed then the payment would be completed." 

The Sheriff's office said Contractor was even so bold as to take the hired gun for a ride through Moultrie's neighborhoods showing him where the people he wanted killed lived. "He said he felt like this was the best way for him to get a foot in the door to take over the businesses that were already established here."

Contractor was apparently going to leave the details about how they were killed up to the man he hired. "A weapon, firearm was discussed, but like I said basically he had left it up to the individual," Whittington said.

Customers today still couldn't believe that Sami Contractor would have seen it through. "I don't think that he would actually go through with it," said McKinney.

The Sheriff told us the individuals targeted all live in Moultrie, but the Sheriff's office is not identifying those victims.  We stopped by several convenience stores trying to talk with some of the owners, but none of them were available.

Contractor is being held in the Colquitt County Jail without bond.

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