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Moody explores fuel alternatives

February 21, 2007

Moody Air Force Base - A recent addition to Moody Air Force Base is allowing them to create an alternative fuel source for base facilities.  "It's used by the base to burn in boilers and fryers and different things throughout the base," says Bill Cordes, a liquid distribution system mechanic for the 23rd Civil Engineer Squadron at Moody.

It's created by mixing propane with air and it's a viable substitute for natural gas.  "First we vaporize the liquid propane to allow it to be in a gas form, then we mix it with air to a specific gravity that allows it to mimic the natural gas that comes out of the base pipe line," he says.

Because of the plant, the gas company can cut its services at the base and Moody can run for 10 days off the propane mixture.

This will allow the gas company to take its energy and services where they are needed most.  "They can send natural gas to other parts of the country or northern Georgia where, in a cold snap, then they need a lot more natural gas then they normally would use," says Captain Bob Danyluk of the 23rd CES.

In providing this service to the gas company, Moody will save 100 thousand dollars each year in energy costs.  "Its a cost saving project because it gives the natural gas company the flexibility to deliver their product to the customers when they need it and how much they need it," he adds.

The facility cost over 800 thousand dollars to build, but with these savings...Moody estimates it will pay for itself in eight years.



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