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South Georgia fails to turn out for border patrol test

February 20, 2007

Albany-  One reason the U.S. government may have trouble patrolling its borders was evident in Albany Tuesday morning. No one showed up to take the test to become a border patrol guard. 

The test is broken into three parts, questions with multiple choice answers, a language portion, and a questionnaire. The test is administered once a month at the Holiday Inn, and while one person was signed up to take the test, that individual never showed.

"In this area we don't have a lot of participation, I don't know about Atlanta, because like I said that is a site where they process, where you take the test there and when you finish the test, they know whether they passed or they failed, then they know what position they're going to take, and where they'll be going," said Margaret Ford, Test Administrator. 

The test takes about four hours to complete. Border patrol agents could be stationed anywhere along the U.S. border.

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