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Gang expert holds education workshop

February 20, 2007

Albany -- South Georgia educators and social workers learn how to spot gang activity and how to help fight it.

Outside the school where the Gang Awareness Workshop was held, gang graffiti covers the playground equipment.

 Former police officer, and now gang expert, Marc Fomby told the educators that gangs are growing nationwide, becoming more focused on making money. Fomby said "making the money has just grown to all aspects of it. You've got drug sales, stolen property, guns, just different areas. And gangs target those things and maximize their opportunity to make money."

Helping Fomby put on the two-day workshop is Chris Brown, who says he grew up in the gangs in Columbus but now educates people about the danger of gangs.

 Fomby says involvement by parents and teachers in their kids' lives is the best way to keep them from joining gangs.


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