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FDA issues warning on Internet drugs

February 19, 2007

Albany --Federal Health officials said in their warning that the powerful anti-psychotic drug sent some victims to the emergency room.

FDA Investigators say the pills, mailed in envelopes bearing Greek postmarks, contained haloperidol, a powerful drug with intense side-effects.

The FDA said in their warning that people should understand the possible dangers of buying prescription drugs on the WEB. Pharmacist David Hays warns South Georgians they never know what they are getting when they order drugs on the Internet. Hays said "sources say that as high as 80 percent of the drugs on the Internet are forgeries. That mean they are not the real drug. Sometimes there is no active ingredient in there. Sometimes if the active ingredient is in there, there is no telling what the dosage is."

The FDA says the victims ordered their drugs through a variety of commercial Web sites. They warn anyone who have purchased sleep aids or antidepressants over the Internet to beware.

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