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South Georgians have mixed feelings on troop surge

February 18, 2007

Albany -- There has been much debate on President Bush's new strategy in Iraq. The plan is to send 21, 500 additional troops overseas.

A recent measure proposed by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid that disapproves of the President's strategy fell just four votes short of consideration in the Senate. The House however, voted to oppose the troop surge.

As what to do about the War on Terror wages much debate in Congress, south Georgians also share opposing opinions.

"It makes me feel bad because we're fighting a war that we really don't know what the war is about. Not everybody knows the truth about what's going on," said Vernon Howard.

"If you kind of abandoned the situation in the middle of it then you're not going to get any results accomplished by bringing them all home in the middle of doing their job, and then we're just going to have another 911 happen," said Kristen Fortuna.

Both Vernon Howard and Kristen Fortuna say they are from military families, but their support of the war differs. On Friday the House voted for the first rebuke against the war since it started four years ago, to approve a resolution that supports US Combat forces, but opposes additional deployments. Unlike the Senate who Saturday failed to pass a resolution against more deployments. Some Georgians say keep our troops here because enough people have already lost their lives.

"It's very heartbreaking cause I think about losing someone in my family and that will just tear me up," said Megan James.

But others say another year with increased troop levels will make a difference.

"Hopefully the Iraqi participation and support, if their government will get it together, and go after the terrorists with us then I think we can win the war," said Dan McDonald.

For now these citizens just hope and pray our lawmakers make the right decision for our country.

Georgia Senator Republican Saxby Chambliss, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, does not support the resolution that disapproves of the President's new Iraq strategy.