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Bull riders enjoy the rush

February 16, 2007

Albany -- The wild west came to Albany. A big crowd at the Civic Center watched bulls kick up some dirt and bullriders hang on for dear life at the Professional Bull Riders Albany Invitational.

One rider keeps going despite serious injuries that kept him out of the ring for a year.

Hold on tight. Because you're in for a wild ride. Those are some things bull riders think about before mounting a bucking bull. Twenty-seven year-old Zack Brown says to do what he does takes focus.

"Stay in control of whatever he throws at me and get off in a relative safe manner, and get out of there so I don't get hurt, and win the money!" said Zack Brown.

But winning isn't always easy, Zack remembers the scariest thing that happened during his career, and it took him out of bull riding for about a year.

"I got stepped on in Billings in '05. It tore a hole in my intestine, they had to do surgery, so now I have a scar from here to here. That was probably the most painful operation," said Brown.

Now two years later he's back in the game. Entertaining crowds, trying to win money, and enjoying a hobby. One many spectators say they do not want to try.

"Would I ever do that? Ain't no way, ain't no way. First off my balance isn't good at all. I mean that thing bucked one time, and I'm flying off and doing a roll, so it wouldn't work out for me. It wouldn't work out for me. I'd be safer on the ground," said Tyler Hammock.

But for the bull riders flying feet through the air and holding on for dear life is fun.

"Everybody's cheering you on. You know you're good at it, you can win. And the adrenaline rush probably has a big factor too," said Brown.

Despite being thrashed, thrown, kicked, and stomped, the riders say it's a great time, and that's no bull.

The PBR Invitational continues at the Civic Center Saturday night at 8 p.m. and tickets are available. The event is a qualifier for the PBR World Championship in Las Vegas later this year.

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