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Check scam company victimizes elderly

February 16, 2007

Lee County -- A south Georgia woman who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease was the victim of a financial scam.

Mike Ashton says his mother recently got a call from someone who said he could protect her money if she gave him her bank account information. Mrs. Ashton didn't give out the information, but a few days later almost $400 was withdrawn from her account by a company called BankSafe, Paystream USA.

Her son says people who get calls from others asking for personal information should just hang up.

"When you get older, some people just forget and you can talk them into anything you want, and that's unfortunate, especially when you have alzheimers, and when you have a hard time remembering different things," said Mike Ashton.

Ashton says back in November his mother did give personal bank information to someone over the phone and that may have been where the Banksafe company found her information.



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