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Ashburn graveyard gets attention

February 16, 2007

Ashburn -- After we told you about Gabe's Tater Patch, an abandoned graveyard in Ashburn, city leaders have gotten complaints about another cemetery people say has also gotten very little attention.

Friday, city leaders gathered at WestView Cemetery in Ashburn to show their renewed dedication to keeping up the city-owned property. They picked up old, rotten plants and flowers from the historically African-American gravesite, and planted several white crepe myrtle trees. They also added a sign to greet visitors at the front of the entrance.  

"These people at one time were part of this community so if we couldnt do for them while they were living, we wanted to be sure that we give them a decent burial place," said Councilman James Burks.  

City leaders will go to Gabe's Tater Patch Saturday to continue clearing bamboo and shrubbery from that graveyard. Two churches have agreed to help and the state gave Ashburn permission to use inmate labors to help clear the property.


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