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Davis enjoys working on Earnhardt Jr. P.R. team

February 16, 2007

Daytona Beach, Fl. - The late Bill France, Sr., the founder of NASCAR, told his drivers to talk to any reporter at any available opportunity to help bring attention to stock car racing.

Drivers today do not have look hard to find a newpaper reporter or satellite crew.

Which is why all drivers have their own public relations representative.

One of them is former Albany Herald sportswriter Mike Davis who handles the biggest name in NASCAR.

All eyes are on Dale Earnhardt, Junior wherever he goes.

Reporters, sponsors and fans all want time with NASCAR's most popular driver.

The man who determines who gets to talk to Junior is former Albany Herald sportswriter Mike Davis.

Mike Davis said "I am in control of his whole calendar. So, you have got to be communicating to him to see what kind of requests we want to facilitate."

And when it comes to Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Mike Davis gets a lot of requests.

Davis said "You do get a lot you know it can be a grind. It can be a full day's work.

Mike Davis believes his job is easy compared to other public relations directors in the NASCAR garage. Every driver has one and it is their publicists' job to bring attention to their driver and his sponsor.

Mike Davis said "There are people who really have to dig. I don't have to dig so much. Because there are so many people have interest in Dale Jr.  We have a lot of fans and a lot of support. There are so many people who like to cover him. He is a good quote."

Mike Davis' job is not as easy as it looks. He is on the road every weekend for nine months. And with a driver like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. your weekdays are filled also.

Davis said "People ask me how much time do you spend with him compared to your wife. And I am like I don't want to even think what the answer could possibly be."

The work is hard but Mike Davis, a racing fan, is having fun getting paid to watch cars drive around in circles.

Mike Davis has been working through Dale Earnhardt Junior through his sponsor Budweiser. After the Daytona 500, Mike Davis will work directly for Dale Earnhardt, Junior.

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