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District health offers salmonella testing

February 15, 2007

Albany -- The Southwest Georgia Health Department says so far 14 salmonella cases have been confirmed in the state, but none in our 14 county area.

 Emergency rooms in Albany reported no unusual spike of patients with the symptoms. Palmyra Medical Centers says they treated 9 people with flu like symptoms over the weekend. Phoebe says they are not sure how many they treated, but it was not an unusual number.

District Health Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant says E-R doctors may have misdiagnosed salmonella victims, but now that they know it's a problem more testing will be done. Dr. Grant said "those symptoms could be written off as a stomach flu, and people just sent out on hydration and things like that. But once we know we have something like that, it raises the awareness of folks in the hospital, so that more testing can be done."

Dr. Grant says people who ate peanut butter and are experiencing headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, Fever,  or stomach ache can arrange for testing at any county health Department.

Salmonella infections are tested through a stool sample, but take several days to get results.

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