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Storm leaves mess for Worth County to clean up

February 13, 2007

Worth County-  Wednesday will be a busy day for many in Worth County who had trees uprooted and barns destroyed in today's storms. Strong winds lifted a silo and tossed metal roofing into trees.

Four utility poles along Massey Airport Road were sheered in half, on West Street trees came tumbling down around Sherry Fletcher as she worked in the office at Relwof Farms.

"I came to the door to see what was going on and that's when I saw the tin up in the tree and realized it was worse than I though it was then I heard a big boom and then I went and looked outside the office and there were trees laying on the office," said Sherry Fletcher, Relwof Farms Secretary.

In the house, sideways rain kept Lynn Fowler from seeing what was going on outside.

"I went to get my weather radio and walked beside a window and just heard a roaring sound which we never hear inside the house just a terrible roaring sound, it just lasted a few seconds," said Lynn Fowler, Homeowner.

In a neighboring yard, winds picked up this grain silo, tossing it into the pasture. The north side of Sylvester wasn't much better. No one was home at the Whitacre's when a pine tree in their front yard crashed through the roof.

"On one end of the house it looks like it came through two of the bedrooms and a closet and the bathroom got wet," said Terry Young, Marcia Whitacre's brother.

Inside, you can see outside, insulation and ceiling litter the floor and precious treasures were inches from being damaged.

"She's a collector of dolls and things and that end of the house was wet," said Young.

Tuesday night there was little time to relax as many families attempted to clean up.

"We got a tree surgeon coming to get the tree off of the house and I got some tarps coming so we can at least cover it up, keep from getting any wetter than it is," said Young. 

The Whitacres were planning on spending the night with family in town.

Insurance adjusters for some of the families were out before nightfall assessing some of the damage. Most of the cleanup however will have to be done Wednesday.  



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