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New business monitors teen drivers

February 13, 2007

Valdosta - Putting car keys into the hands of a teen driver is a hard day for every parents.  "For my 17 year old, the experience has been for the first time in my life, a total lack of control. I could not be with him," says parent Sementha Mathews.

Janice Isom Sirmans agrees.  "You don't always know. You are wondering. If he's not driving correctly, how am I going to ever know?"

Thanks to the newest car accessory for teen drivers, now you can.

It's a 15 inch, bright yellow bumper sticker offered by one of South Georgia's newest companies, Tell My Parents.  "The sticker says 'If I'm driving dangerously, tell my parents," says Staci Freeman, Manger for the South Georgia/North Florida area.

They hope the stickers will slow down young drivers.  "It allows parents to stay home and have the eyes of thousands of motorists always looking out for their children and reporting their dangerous driving," she says.

And starting the program is easy.

Each sticker has an ID number to identify the car and it's driver. Motorists can then call in to this toll free number where a representative will be standing by 24 hours a day to hear your complaints.

"It's a live representative. They'll take when and where and what time the incident occurred and then representatives will get a hold of the parents immediately."

Tell My Parents hopes to soon start marketing nationwide.

Membership to the program is $195.00.  There is an extra cost to add an additional teen driver to the membership.

To find out more, you can call Ms. Staci Freeman at 229-223-1051.


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