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Judge asks for supplement

February 12, 2007

Albany - Dougherty County's Chief Superior Court Judge is retiring and he wants the county to supplement his pension. Judge Loring Gray told commissioners said he will either retire on his 60th birthday in July or at the end of his current term, which expires in 2008.

He's seeking Senior Judge status from the Governor and has asked the county to continue to supplement his pay. If they agree, he'll receive two thirds of what the county currently gives him. That would be about $18,000 a year.

Gray says that's money that will pay for itself since he'll help keep the number of inmates at the jail down.  He says, "It would more than pay for itself when you consider the cost of housing prisoners out there. We're at 815 prisoners today. We like to keep that figure as low as we can and having a judge out there is what keeps that figure down."

As a senior Judge, Judge Gray would only receive a supplement from the state when he was assigned to a specific case.

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