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From one warm coat to thousands

February 12, 2007

Albany - If you grabbed a coat or jacket out of your closet this morning, you probably shed it by afternoon. It's warm outside, but won't be for much longer. The temperature will plummet once again by the end of the week. Not everyone can afford a coat for those cold days, but thanks to many of you, they can now stay warm.

It started as project One warm coat and ended with 2,218 of them. Kevin Hogencamp says, "This shows what our community can do when we put our hearts and energy and efforts behind a single project."

Reaching deep into their closets and their hearts. Hogencamp says, "There's certainly going to be another cold snap or two and hopefully these coats will go ahead real soon and get in the hands of the people who need them the most."

People like Carolyn Robinson. She works here at the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia, and was able to take some of the coats home to family members who desperately needed them. She says, "It was great, they were happy. I had a lot of nieces and nephews that didn't have any coats and they were glad to receive them."

And she's glad so many others are warmer this winter as well. "It just made my spirit, it made my day brighten up," says Carolyn.

Even on those cold days. Food Bank director Dwayne Myles says he was overwhelmed by the response and will definitely team up with Central Monitoring again next year. He says, "We have a great community that we live in and they responded well." In order to make sure everyone who needed a coat was well taken care of.



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