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Two killed at dangerous intersection

February 12, 2007

Blakely-- The driver of a tractor-trailer ran the stop sign at the intersection of Highways 27 and 62. The tractor trailer struck an F150, killing two men inside and hospitalizing a woman.

Blakely authorities say these are not the first fatalities at the intersection. The community wants a traffic light or signs warning of a dangerous intersection installed, but are told by DOT that there isn't enough money.

Melanie Daniels and her husband came upon the scene of the accident just moments after it happened.  Mr. Daniels ran to the crash site.  "There was two men laying in the front and a lady in the back and he stayed and comforted the lady until authorities got here," said Melanie Daniels.

Theresa Foster was taken to the hospital with broken ribs.  "They hope and pray that she's going to be ok," said Daniels.

But it was too late for her husband and another man. The driver, 45-year-old William Foster, a local business owner died at the scene.  Forty-year-old Jay Demott died later at the hospital.

Captain Randall Meeks of the Early County Sheriff's Office says these aren't the first fatalities they've had here.  "We have had several tractor trailers say 'I didn't know.' And just blew right through like what happened last night and unfortunately two people died," said Meeks.

There are no blinking lights, no signs warning of a dangerous intersection ahead. The only indication, is this stop sign.  "We've asked DOT and they've just given us different explanations. There's not enough accidents, there's not enough fatalities. One fatality is too many," said Meeks.

Daniels said she called DOT Monday morning to appeal for something to be done.   "I said you'll probably get a lot more complaints, and she said 'ok'.  I mean its disheartening.  Somebody should be able to do something," she said. 

Captain Meeks says, "until some other community fathers, city counselors, county commission take an active stand, don't know what DOT will do."

For now the community waits, wondering if more lives will be lost before something is done. 

Fifty-eight-year-old Stephen Collins was the driver of the tractor-trailer.  Charges of vehicular homicide are pending against him.


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