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Top Gun shootout

February 9, 2007

Albany -- Albany Police Officers stepped up to the firing line Friday to see who is the best shot on the force. This is the Top Gun Competition.

 During their regular firearms training all the Officers shooting score is kept . The top ten scorers from throughout the year met Friday at their shooting range to decide who is the best of the best.

And for the first time, a female officer was gunning for the title. Officer Cherysh Green said "I'm proud to be the first woman, and I hope I will represent the women very well."

Lt. James Williams, a two time Top Gun winner,  said "keep their weapon up to par. Never know when it may come and they have to use it. You want to be trained, efficient, to get it done."

Officer Green did represent women well, forcing the championship round to a double shootout, before she finished second.

 Officer Rodney Brown won the Top Gun title. His picture and name will be displayed in the Law Enforcement Center on a plaque, along the other top gun winners in the past.


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