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Cop shot when gun discharges

February 9, 2007

Moultrie --  An off-duty Moultrie Police Officer was accidentally shot while he and his son while were repairing rental property.   

Veteran Lieutenant Isaac James and his 39-year-old son Sedric Lightsey were clearing out the rental unit on Eighth Avenue Southeast.  Lightsey found a .22 caliber handgun on a closet shelf, and was taking the gun to his father when it went off.     

The bullet hit James in the shoulder.  "The main thing we would like for you to do, is if you find one in the home, in a home, somewhere that you don't know anything about, give us a call. We'll come take care of it for you and make it safe."     

Moultrie Police say you should never store a gun loaded unless it has a child safety lock on the weapon.


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