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Tourism expert says Albany could cash in

February 8, 2007

Albany -- A tourism expert says Albany's downtown could be a major travel destination.

She says it will take a continued major investment for the city now , that could pay off with increased business growth and jobs.

Judy Randall, a marketing expert that did extensive surveys of Albany's tourist market, says the city's downtown has great potential. But she says the city has to develop an adult center with all the things the tourist demands in easy walking distance. Judy Randall of Randall Travel Marketing said "we have seen this all across North America. Anywhere where you have a lively, animated village setting with shops, dining, and lodging and meeting space, they come."

Randall says Albany's potential for tourism growth is great with the improvements downtown, like the Riverfront Park and the Riverquarium.

But she says business leaders must work together to develop the shops and restaurants needed to draw people downtown.

Randall also recommended that Radium Springs be developed into a health spa attraction, that could bring in a huge new market to Albany.


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