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Police warn public about check scam

February 8, 2007

Albany--An Albany business is out nearly $5,000 for cashing a check that's part of a scam.

A $4900 check claiming to be from Household Financial was sent to Patricia Weston of Albany this week.

An accompanying letter instructed her to cash it and then call a number to have the money transferred into an account that would go toward a home improvement grant for her.

She took it to The Winery, they cashed it, and then learned it was no good.

"Any time they receive something like this. You have to remember when it seems like you're going to get something for nothing, that's probably what you're going to get, nothing," says Lt. Kenn Singleton with the Albany Police Department.

A bogus company based in Canada called FindCash.Com sent a letter and a $2,000 check to an Albany man this week.

He was smart, though and called police.

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